5 Common Pain – Emotional Patterns

5 Common Pain – Emotional Patterns

The 5 Most Common Pain-Emotional Patterns


No matter your level of expertise when it comes to the body; eventually you realize that chronic pain conditions have much deeper roots than just boney – muscular mis-alignments and poor tissue conditions. Many people suck it up and go through life living the “No Pain No Gain” mantra and constantly push those Aleve and Tylenol down their throats. Why? Because no matter how many doctors – therapists you see – it’s possible, if you suffer from chronic pain, that you’re only chasing pain and putting out fires until you go toe to toe with your emotional baggage. At some point, chronic pain may force you in a position where you have to step outside the box and take a good hard look inward and upward.


We often suffer long and hard with all kinds of pain and think nothing about ignoring it, pushing through it without really taking the time to figure out what exactly is feeding and fueling the pain in the first place. How many times have you dismissed the pain in your neck, shoulder and low back as a symptom of over doing it or the residual from an injury?


Why, as a culture have we completely disregarded the intelligent universal life force and communication that exists in our minds, body, and soul for so long? Painstaking research and informational breakthroughs in the fields of eastern medicine, neuroscience and psycho-neuro-immunology have connected common patterns of pain and emotions that I have used and have created incredible transformations for my clients for the past 5 years. Pain pills just mask any pain and our cutting-edge medical procedures, as incredible as they may be, may give us a false sense of being fully healed. We really do, at some point, actually have to listen to our body’s intelligence through pain signals and address them head on before they are completely clear.


I’ve compiled a small list for you of the most common patterns I see in my practice to help you connect and explore how some of those aches and pains you have been experiencing are possibly more than an old injury. The picture chart provides you with common psycho-neuro associations. In sessions, using bio-individual testing methods we can accurately find the chronic pain and emotional connection to clear and release. I’ve seen incredible,( or should I say) miraculous, results with people suffering from anxiety, stress, mental & creative blocks,  back-neck pain, weight loss, PTSD, brain injury, and more. When you learn to clear the clutter inside out and to take care of yourself from a 360* perspective- physically, spiritually and emotionally healing accelerates, spontaneous shifts and miracles happen. I witness it every day.

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Pain Patterns Proven To Be Directly Linked To Your Emotions

  1. Neck.—Having a pain in the neck can be fueled by more than sitting position and your kids getting on your last nerve. If you are suffering from pain in the neck (cervical region) and you’ve completed therapy to reverse structural and soft tissue problems but, the pain persists -then this is a good time to explore any guilt you are holding onto. It may seem a little out there but, I’ve seen guilt patterns with in-utero connections linking all the way to mom’s emotions during pregnancy, links to stealing something as a kid, painful words spoken years ago, a missed opportunity at good-bye of a loved one.  If you are having a hard time forgiving yourself or someone else in your life -taking time to release and clear your guilt associations can be incredibly freeing. In my studio, we use a guided meditation, specialized tapping techniques, journal exercises, clearing audios and more. How you release guilt is specific to your unique make-up. I highly suggest doing this kind of work with a professional – certified facilitator or psychologist. Guilt serves no purpose and it’s incredibly freeing and transformational to Release is and Let it Go!
  1. Shoulder pain.–The term wearing the weight of the world has true meaning when it comes to the shoulders. A lot of us who carry burdens, or problems, will carry the brunt of that pain in our shoulders. It really does have a density to it almost like a monkey on your back kind of feeling and Oh, yes in deed, it’s real and you can feel it right there too. It’s heavy and it feeds your body a constant reminder that it’s there. Shouldering the burden – any burden like old family baggage, money worries, the sense of being overworked and over loaded, etc. will show up here. Years ago, when I was strictly working in a clinical – orthopedic nature with my massage and training clients; I was always amazed at how rapidly a client would heal when I would simply let them vent during a session about their physical and emotional burdens. I could literally feel the tissue and capsule transform and release on a deep and energetic level. It’s why so many of my clients called me the “tissue whisperer”. I could sit with and sense the age of an injury and I would get (what I call) a streaming movie of the pain and emotion sitting in the joint.  One powerful way I have helped my clients shift burden’s is gratitude work. I know…I know.. cliche’ right. Try it – write out (don’t just say it – write it) ten things you are grateful for and be sure you include gratitude for the strength to bear the weight or burden you are carrying. Give Thanks and Let It Go!
  1. Upper back.–Associate pain here to the scapular area (triangular bone in your shoulder girdle on the back) or each side of the spine in the upper back. Bar none, the nagging pain in this area often is connected to feeling stabbed in the back or the need for love and emotional support. Either you are feeling screwed over, unloved, or you need to start showing more love to the people in your life. Remember, love and emotional support is a two way street. You need to have a balance of give AND receive. Many health care practitioners who report feeling burned out (too much give)have very interesting associative pain patterns in this area. Besides clearing work –  body work is another powerful antidote to release pain in this area. Even Breath work paired with Forgiveness work. Try this 1x a day for 30 day’s (you’ll shift this fast but, complete a full 30 day cycle) Find a quiet space free from interruptions for about 10-15 minutes. The car, your room, office – all are perfect spaces to do this quick clearing techniques. Sit with a tall and supported spine, breathe in and out your nose (grounding breath) 10x while pumping your hands in the air with each breath (power pose – neuro-reprogramming). On your last breath, hold the breath for a few seconds and slowly release the breath through pursed lips when your ready. Write for 5-10 minutes, fluidly – non stop, forgiving people who have hurt you, disappointed you, abandoned you etc. This technique has shifted serious emotional disappointments from my childhood faster than any other method I have even engaged. My clients tackle this like nobody’s business. It really has created massive breakthroughs for many of my clients and students. Forgive and Let It Go!
  1. Lower back (Core)–Lower back and the hips are the mac daddy of all emotional dumping grounds or should I say holding ground. It is part of our core and the space where we have a primal connection to human kind, culture, tribe, family and personal space. The hips are associated with your sense of security, groundedness, foundation, and financial stability. Chronic pain here usually shows up with a deep perception of lack, Lack of support and fear, or lack of financial stability. I’ve experienced debilitating pain here myself in some of the tumultuous transitions in my life connected to career, moving, or finances. Scary stuff sure but, clearing emotional debris here by taking the bull by the horns, assessing where your fears are being fed and sorting through it with a professional career coach, money coach, or life coach is powerful medicine. I would say 63% of the women I work with that have low back pain report a profound sense of lightening up and relief in this area when I coach and do clearing work to complete that long overdue career transition. When we define the emotional triggers and dis-empowering beliefs connected to finances that go all the way back to childhood, When we get a handle on and decode steps to create financial independence – security, When we decode spending impulses and their emotional triggers, and definitely when we begin to map out a SoulFueled intentional spending matra and investment action plan to invest in themselves and their future.  Clearing work here to decoding your financial fears and to find out how to best express and monetize your gifts in a SoulFueling way is the permission slip you’ve been waiting for – to give you what you want in your life and career, to expand your consciousness and your cash flow. It completely transforms your feeling of strength in your core and ups the ante on your dreams. Decode and Let It Go!
  1. Hip pain. (core)–If you constantly feel a pain or tightness in your hips think of rigidity in your spirit – not trusting life, feeling stuck. Hip pain is also connected to a sense of foundation, stability and could be a sign that you have experienced a life altering trauma that rocked your sense of survival and safety. Hips are notorious for being tight. Ask yourself this, is there somewhere in your life you are expressing fear? Are you afraid to change or move forward with something? What’s happening that’s making you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you?  Stagnation in life, unable to step out of your comfort zone or to make a major decisions about something means you need to roll up those sleeves of yours and do some deep – deep clearing, cleaning, de-cluttering, and releasing. Reach out if you need help with this – I got you! The number one way I help women to tackle core emotional pain and dysfunction is to Clear Shit Out – Inside Out and LET IT GO!! Try this challenge -You’ll see how powerful releasing really is. For the next 30 days go room by room and deep clean every crack and crevice. Try to purge half of what you have (okay I saw that little twinge – at least get rid of everything you no longer use, need, or want). Don’t buy one more darn thing,  especially if you are stuck in a rut and can’t make a clear – quality decision. Releasing and facing fear by doing some intense clearing in a MindBody Session and deep Space Clearing is a hard thing to do but, when you’ve done it once and see the results, you will want to do it regularly. Go ahead – get started… You’ll see.



Two Common Conditions And The possible Emotional Link

  1. Headaches – Migraines.–First, be sure to address all structural and soft tissue trigger point patterns with a skilled practitioner who understands how to work progressively in this area. Excluding brain injury – concussive residual effects, that are managed by a qualified medical professional, you need to also eliminate the potential of de-hydration which is the leading cause of headaches -hands down. Persistent, chronic headaches and migraines absolutely are tied to an overabundance of stress. These conditions are the body’s way of expressing a 911 to your conscious brain. Headache patterns are very telling especially to doctors and therapists. However, chronic headaches always signal to me that your stress threshold is maxed out. Migraines and other types of headaches are effectively relieved with energetic balancing and integration of bio-individual stress management techniques. To better understand the effects of stress on your body or brain picture a bottle of pop rapidly shaken for just a few seconds. If you don’t bleed some air from the bottle that baby is gonna blow! This is synonymous with how your body, brain, and energy field reacts to stress. You need to have a clearing and stress management protocol in place. I’ve helped dozens of clients with concussions, migraines, headaches and veterans with ptsd rapidly release and clear chronic headache patterns using clearing work, EFT, Food Based Healing, and de-cluttering and removal of EMF’s smog in their personal spaces. Clear it Out and Let Stress Go!



  1. WEIGHT. –Our bodies can act a sort of armor to protect us – to protect our Spirit. Weight ALWAYS has an emotional component. There is a fierce Mind-Body component at work when dealing with weight challenges. You see the science of weight loss is not complex at all. There just happens to be a steady stream of diarrhea and shitty information pushed around by a lot of unqualified people when it comes to the science of weight loss. In fact, during my Holistic Nutrition Training – specialized in Mind-Body Nutrition, Food Healing, and Detoxification my training and research revealed that there are non-caloric factors, scientifically proven, to drive metabolic imbalances, issues with emotional eating, appetite, cravings and more.

Tapping into the emotional pain connected to fat retention is deep, very personal, and not for the light at heart.  We know one of the most common fat retention patterns women have is belly, hips and thighs. Interestingly enough, difficultly in releasing weight in these regions has an incredibly predictable emotional pattern of issues of anger at parents specially the father, lack of validation from family, lack of self-esteem, and impressions of over sexulization at a young age usually before the age of 14. A highly individualized recipe of deep emotional clearing work, specialized tapping and journaling, meditation, breath-work, daily clearing audios, cleansing paired with a specific journaling technique of forgiveness & self-love, de-cluttering memorabilia – releasing childhood triggers, and finding a way to move the body that moves and fuels the Soul have all showed to be the most riveting way I’ve helped women lose from 7lbs-68lbs of excess fat. Lighten Up and Let It Go.


Pay attention to what your body is saying. There is a plethora of stress related issues driving pain and tension patterns in the body that can easily be shifted by clearing from the inside out. If you would like to roll up your sleeves and get busy clearing with me, then please except our invitation to our Free 5 Day MindBody Meditation Challenge. This 5 day course is a way for us to help educate and empower people in our community. Natural pain relief is possible and often the perfect element to maintain your health after you’ve finished treatment. If you’re ready to learn about the deeper connections to your stress and tension patterns in your body then join me in our free event and community.


YOU ARE INVITED – Everyone is welcome to join us for a Free online 5 Day MindBody Meditation challenge. We will help you explore the connections of your emotions and tension patterns and I will guide you with a short audio meditation each day to help you release and redirect your most difficult stress patterns. Join here https://goo.gl/FMvubn


Thank you for taking the time to read this training article. I know it will inspire a little detective work on your part. For deeper clearing you can visit my Soul Sessions page where I work 1:1 with women to decode their body frustrations.

Ready for more tips, masterclasses, and clearing audios please subscribe to our SoulFueled Community. Be sure to tell me below what body part connected with you most. I would love to create a specific audio clearing for the body part with the most votes to send you next week.


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