Aumakhua-Ki® Energy Balancing & Meditation Levels 1 ONLINE


AUMAKHUA-KI® Energy Balancing & Meditation is the fastest way to feel full energetic activation in your whole body, feel upper and lower chakra activation while staying grounded and without having to spend years studying with guru’s or spending long sessions meditating to raise your energy. 

We’ve found AK helps you to shave years off of your energy practice. Helping you to create effective longer-lasting energy session outcomes, effortless full body energetic activation, refined intuitive skills and create a much stronger sense of spiritual connection. 

AUMAKHUA-KI (R) Energy Balancing & meditation is everything a person seeking deeper energy activation, spiritual connection, holistic personal and professional development needs to take your mind-body practice to the next level, so that,  you are able to channel more energy, activate your upper channel while remaining grounded and feel a stronger sense of control over your energy, health and emotions.AK lovingly referred to as “The Bliss Frequency”.


Learn to use this practical energy balancing & meditation system to create positive shifts in your energy levels. For those of you that enjoy live, interactive, and immersive training environments this experience will shave years off your learning curve. Our training starts with our level one frequency which serves as a catalytic healing protocol. As you move through to Level 2 training you will gain in-depth assessment skills (which are lacking in most energy practitioners sessions) to help you identify patterns of disharmony in the energetic field. Level 3 helps you to refine your ability to conduct live and remote energy assessments and balancing sessions from anywhere. This system helps you to create an:

  • effective self-care routine,
  • practical skills to build an effective energy medicine session
  • gives you an outline of the energetic system, assessment skills, and treatment planning
  • the science of energy
  • the connection between chakras and healing
  • proven energy protocols for stress relief and holistic living (from a science meets spirituality based perspective)
  • strong assessment skills of the energy fields and chakra system
  • a step-by-step protocol for self-balancing, chair, table, and remote balancing sessions

Our training will give you a strong foundation in assessing the body, mind, emotional affects to each chakra center of the body. You leave these training’s completely equipped to work on others to help create harmony in the body, relief from stress driven symptoms, and a fully.

AK Online Level 1 training runs for 4 hours and may be conducted in one or multiple days via zoom classroom.

You will receive a student agreement e-doc to sign and training links are located in the course portal under Level 1


Additional information

Training Dates & Details


Level 1 online is a 4 hour training in total. Once you register and create your own login information to the new membership/course area you will find a Welcome message and pre-registration area to view an informational interview with the Grand Master of AKEB & M, Course Details and Login Information and Course Schedule.
You will receive a confidentiality e-document to sign and return prior to training.

You will receive an email from the AkMidwest Instructor Team 1 week prior to class to give verify the time, login information and schedule your attunement.
Our Membership Area is brand new. Please be patient – If you re to experience any issues with login, viewing documents etc. Please send an email to
Live classes are 2 hours shorter than live courses and do not offer CEU's


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